Zoho User Guide

This guide is designed for businesses who use Zoho; and want to integrate SeerBit Payments with their Zoho applications.


Admin Access:

You'll need administrator privileges within your Zoho application (e.g., Zoho Invoice, Zoho Subscriptions) to configure Seerbit.

SeerBit Account:

Ensure you are signed up on Seerbit to have access to this integration. If you are already signed up on Seerbit, 
SeerBit API Keys: You'll need your API keys (public key and secret key). Input your keys and save them.

Identifying Your Zoho Application

Zoho offers various applications with payment gateway integration capabilities. Here are some common examples:

Zoho Invoice: Ideal for creating and sending invoices, accepting online payments, and managing customer accounts.
Zoho Subscriptions: Designed for managing recurring subscriptions, including automated billing and payment collection.
Zoho Inventory: Streamlines inventory management and integrates with online payment gateways for sales transactions.
Verifying Supported Gateways:

Zoho integrates with a variety of payment gateways. Refer to the Zoho knowledge base for a current list: https://www.zoho.com/subscriptions/help/payment-gateways.html

Activating and Configuring SeerBit Payments
The steps to activate and configure your payment gateway will depend on your chosen Zoho application. Here's a general guideline:

Login to your Zoho application with your administrator credentials.
Navigate to the Settings section.
Look for a section on Integrations or Payment Gateways.
Locate SeerBit Payments
Click on Setup or Connect.
Provide your API keys (Public and Secret Key)

Saving Your Configuration:

Once you've entered your credentials, be sure to click Save or Connect to finalize the integration.

Testing the Integration:

Zoho applications often allow you to test after setup. This ensures everything is working correctly before you start accepting payments from customers. You can do this by inputting your Test API keys (Test public and secret key) to carry out test transactions.

Contacting SeerBit Support:

If you encounter any difficulties during the integration process, Zoho offers support through their knowledge base and community forums. You can also submit a support ticket directly to Zoho.