The Seerbit API

The Seerbit API helps you create your own payments flow from e-commerce to recurring payments, payouts and everything in between.

Our API enables businesses to create unique and custom payment experiences for their customers beyond what the Seerbit Dashboard offers.  If there is something you need that the Seerbit Dashboard doesn't readily give you out-of-the-box, the API would provide you with that functionality. The Seerbit Dashboard works using the Seerbit API meaning everything that can be done on the dashboard can be done using the API.

All API calls are authenticated with your  SECRET KEY which can be obtained from your Seerbit Dashboard Seerbit Dashboard.  Your API keys also serve as the link between your platform (or application) and your Seerbit Dashboard.

For more details about the Seerbit API and how to use it, please check out our detailed API documentation.