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The Dashboard Transactions Page

The transactions section of the dashboard contains all the information you need about the transactions that have been attempted on your business.  Here you can track successful, failed, and even abandoned transactions.

Go get to this page, simply log into your Seerbit dashboard and click on ' Transactions' on the left menu bar.  Let's walk through the various parts of this page:

Search Reference
: You can quickly search for a specific transaction using the transaction reference.

  1. Transaction Count: At the very top, beside the 'Transactions' header, you'll see the number of transactions displayed in the table below.  This also changes when you filter transactions.
  2. A transaction in more detail

    If you click on any transaction, you are able to see additional information on that transaction. Here is an illustration of what this looks like:

  3. Transaction Table: This table includes a summary of the filtered transactions, such as:
    1. The transaction status - Green indicates successful, and red indicates failed.
    2. The transaction reference
    3. The amount paid
    4. Customer name
    5. Date of transaction

4.  Export Transaction Report: You can export a CSV of your transactions at any time.  Note that you can only export the contents currently displayed in the table, so if you filter the list of transactions to show only abandoned transactions, the CSV export will be a list of all abandoned transactions.

  1. Refund
  2. Payment breakdown
  3. Customer details 
  4. Basic details
  5. Analytics
  6. Insights