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How do i setup webhook notifications ?

Using webhooks keeps you updated and lets you SeerBit send information for successful transactions that go through your account.

Webhooks update you on ?

  • Payment Statuses changes
  • Events such as chargebacks

How webhooks work

Webhooks are sent as HTTP callbacks. For a succesful integration, your endpoint needs to respond within 10 seconds to our request accepted and a 200 status code.

How can i get additional data in standard notifications?

Screenshot 2023-03-22 at 09.19.44

If you’re not receiving all the needed data or fields for your webhook events, turn on the additional notifications you need to be sent. 

  1. Login to your merchant dashboard
  2. Go to the setting page. 
  3. Select the webhook module
  4. Click on the Live Webhook 
  5. In the Webhook config module modal. Turn on the various event types you need an additional notification for.

To learn more about webhook visit the developer documentation