How do I get my money from Seerbit?

 All businesses on seerbit, are paid automatically.  This means as a Seerbit merchant, you do not have to request for a payout.  After deducting our charges, we pay the entire sum of transactions received in a day into your bank account.  

When does a merchant receive their settlement?

Naira settlements:

Naira transactions are on a payout schedule of T+1 - this means that we automatically pay the total sum received to the merchant on the next working day after the transaction day.

For transactions that happen on Fridays, weekends and public holidays, settlements are done on the next working day.

International settlements:

To get your settlements for USD transactions you will need a United Bank for Africa  Domiciliary account. If you do not have an account from any of the listed banks, send an email to

Does SeerBit charge for sending settlements to your bank account?

We don't charge you when we send settlement automatically to your bank account.

How much can SeerBit send to my account as settlement?

We can only send settlement when your total payments in a day total at least N50 after transaction charges. On the other hand, there's no maximum amount for settlement on Seerbit; we're happy to see your business grow.