Business Central User Guide

This guide is designed for businesses who use Microsoft Dynamics: Business Central; and want to integrate SeerBit Payments with their Business Central applications.


Admin Access: 

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SeerBit Account:

Ensure you are signed up on Seerbit to have access to this integration. If you are already signed up on Seerbit, 
SeerBit API Keys: You'll need your API keys (public key and secret key). Input your keys and save them.

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Activating and Configuring SeerBit Payments
The steps to activate and configure your payment gateway will depend on your chosen Zoho application. Here's a general guideline:

Login to your Zoho application with your administrator credentials.
Navigate to the Settings section.
Look for a section on Integrations or Payment Gateways.
Locate SeerBit Payments
Click on Setup or Connect.
Provide your API keys (Public and Secret Key)

Saving Your Configuration:

Once you've entered your credentials, be sure to click Save or Connect to finalize the integration.

Testing the Integration:

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Contacting SeerBit Support:

If you encounter any difficulties during the integration process, Zoho offers support through their knowledge base and community forums. You can also submit a support ticket directly to Zoho.